Naam Jaar Titel
Dr E.R.M. Scheepers 2022 Frailty and quality of life in older adults with cancer
Drs L. Boelaarts 2022 Diagnosing cognitive disorder in senior subjects in the setting of a geriatric outpatient clinic. Usefulness of MR imaging, the CSF biomarker tool and episodic memory tests in daily clinical practice. 
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Dr L. Tap 2020 Age-related Renovascular Changes - consequences in late life
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Dr I.C. van Walree 2020 Treatment decisions and outcomes in geriatric oncology
Dr F. Plum 2019 Improvement of a functional nanoparticle-based method for measuring overall prospensity for calcification in body fluids
Dr A. Hobbelt 2019 Towards prevention of AF progression
Dr E. Karssemeijer 2019 Brain in motion: combined cognitive and physical exercise training in people with dementia
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Dr M.E.A. van Eersel 2018 The association of cognitive performance with vascular risk factors across adult life span
Dr E. van Poelgeest 2018 Future drugs in atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease
Dr M. Wentink 2018 Connecting B cell differentiation pathways and antibody deficiencies
Dr F. Malgo 2018 Diagnostic strategies in patients with high fracture risk
Dr I.M. van Hagen 2017 Risk of pregnancy in women with cardiovascular disease
Dr A.M. Koning 2017 Exploring Redox Biology in Physiology and Disease
Dr A.M. van Strien 2017 Adverse drug reactions of antipsychotics in frail older patients
Dr F. van den Bos 2017 Comorbidities in Parkinson’s disease, cause or consequence
Dr J.B. Sanders 2017 Slowing and Depressive Symptoms in Aging People
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documentation and prevention of represcription
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